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The Honorable Bishop Donnie N. McGriff, Ph.D.



Dr. Donnie McGriff, Sr. is a leader, visionary, preacher, teacher, Pastor and Founder of Christ Temple Apostolic Church for 38 years and President over the Christ Temple International Ministries for 22 years and newly overseer of CTIMFellowship of Churches umbrella under CTIM, which the Lord blessed to have birthed 22 churches plus overseer over 36 churches in India under Bishop Johannas Malipudi.  President of the Christ Temple International Apostolic University for 21 years which is an Accredited University by the Accrediting International Commission for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries.


In 1993 Dr. McGriff was consecrated Bishop for the World Won for Christ Ministries under the late Bishop Wayne S. Davis founding Bishop.

Suffragan Bishop McGriff continues to attend and serve under the California District Council 16th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc for over 45 years under the late Bishop R. Frank Bowdan, the late Bishop Robert McMurray and the late Bishop Henry L. Johnson.  During this time period Dr. McGriff was consecrated as Suffragan Bishop served as Assistant Chairman for the California District Council for 3 years served as Pastor’s Counsel for the CDC and now making HISTORY at the CDC July 2014 Council, under the interim leadership of our Diocesan Bishop Charles Ellis, Dr. McGriff was voted as Bishop of the Southern California District Council.  Later at the P.A.W. 2014 Summer Convention Bishop McGriff was consecrated on August 8, 2014. To God be the Glory!!


Bishop McGriff is an anointed man of God, chosen after God’s own heart is a gifted authored and keen insight to the needs of God’s people, who has published Best Sellers such as “Don’t Mix Your Stuff with God’s Stuff”, and Supportive Ministries of Helps for the 21st Century Church Books 1 and 2. Also, recently published Christians in Crisis. Bishop McGriff is an ardent student of Eschatology, a Bible Teacher, which he is certified in Anger Management, License Marriage & Family Christian Counselor, and a Member of American Association of Christian Counselors.


Bishop McGriff  received his Ph. D from California University of Theology last year. Graduated from the University of Biblical Studies and Seminary, where he received his Bachelor of Theology, and Master of Arts in Pastoral Christian Counseling. He earned both his Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Christian Education and Administration, from the International Apostolic University of Grace and Truth in Dayton, Ohio.


His life in Christ is evidenced by his love and compassion for his family, the brethren and to reach the total person and those who are lost.


Many esteem him as a Pastor’s Pastor; a Leader’s Leader; He has no problem in helping, guiding and directing newly pastors. Conducting empowerment seminars, bible classes that are designed to help, train Pastors how to open a church, what guidelines and paths you should take before venturing out. Train Deacons and Armor bearers to be the best that they could be.


Bishop McGriff is married to the lovely lady (Dr. Shirley McGriff) for 57 years has 6 children, 4 Son in Laws, 1 daughter in law, 35 grandchildren and 35 great-grands who revere him as a loving husband, grandfather (Poppie) and role model father.  Bishop McGriff, strives to exemplify the heart of God.

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In Memoriam Elect Lady Shirley McGriff